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23231 Strong Magnet Disc


Strong Magnet Disc

5mm diameter, 12pcs/blister card

  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Super strong magnet are made from strong neodymium-iron-boron alloy (NdFeb). And have a stylish nickel Coating (Ni-Cu-Ni) with an appealing silver surface. All neodymium disc magnets are magnetized axially and the maximum operating temperature of the neodymium magnet is 176℉.

  • 【PREMIUM MAGNET】Rare earth disc magnets are coated with three layers of Ni+Cu+Ni.Our magnets with premium quality coating, which provide excellent corrosion resistance with a shiny and smooth finish that doesn't rust and scratch.

  • 【VARIOUS USES】Neodymium disc magnets are ideal for DIY craft projects, science project magnets. Use neodymium magnet for anything, including finding studs in your wall, fastening, lifting, hanging objects, various projects & presentations, education.The round magnet is also security tags removal tool.

  • 【PERFECT SIZE】Diameter:40mm(1.57inch);Thickness:20mm(0.79inch) ; Tolerances:±2mm x ±2mm; Quantity:1 pcs; Shape: Cylinder.

  • 【PROFESSIONAL SERVICE】We are a magnet supplier with professional strength. You can certainly find magnet you want in my shop! If you need mass customization of neodymium magnets, contact us and we can meet your needs.




   11/F., Tower B, Liyuan Shangdu Bldg., No.39 lane 158, South part west huancheng Rd., Ningbo, China
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